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Origin: New York City

Genre: Rock, Punk, New Wave

Years Active: 2012 - Present

Label: RatMan Records LLC

Official Website:


The NYC band evolves towards new different directions in every song.

They have an enviable eclecticism in their songwriting and they know

how to mix it well. The band puts together touches of new wave, punk rock,

pop and arena rock to then go back to the rawness of rock n roll melted with

moments of smoothness and dream-like pop melodies in the middle of

chaotic and psychedelic breakdowns, plus an extra of 80's textures mixed with crispy and fierce riffs coming from guitarist Kick, the euphoria of the multi - faceted Rossano's voice, plus Tim Kuhl and Steve Conroy's solid rhythm section. Think Pretenders meet Joan Jett in the mid 80's/Billy Idol meets Patti Smith at CBGB's. The band was formed by Rossano and Kick in NYC in 2012. Tim Kuhl and Steve Conroy would join later.


'This song is clearly a metaphor. We created a punk character and a comic anti-hero.

A strange and revolutionary man, an outsider who lacks conventional heroic qualities and attributes such as idealism, courage and morality. He can be a traitor, but he still has good in his heart. He wanders around the streets of the city and chases his enemies. A vividly character striving against evil and merciless society. Gotham, The Joker, V for Vendetta and The Crow stories inspired us to write the lyrics around the character of the Da Ratman.'


Patti Smith, Pretenders, Blondie, Ramones, Blondie, The Smiths, The Cure, Joan Jett, Sex Pistols, David Bowie, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Billy Idol, Garbage, Pixies.

Da Ratman! Cover artwork.png

All photos by Tommy Krause


'Cobbling together touches of new wave, punk, pop, and good old-fashioned rock. Nice To Meet Ya is a ferocious rock anthem about the signs o’ the times' - Alice Teeple,
- Post Punk Magazine L.A.


'They keep their fanbase guessing what revivalist tones they will deliver next. Based on their latest single 'Da Ratman!', it's safe to say that they know just how to pull different stylistic elements together to energetically complement each other. It’s as hooky as any Misfits track, jangly as Johnny Marr’s licks.'

- Amelia Vandergast , A&R Factory UK

'New Rock City is an original and amazing band. Their sounds rock your eardrums like nobody's business! We've had many bands come through our sound studio at Soundtrack New York throughout the 35 years that we have been in business and NRC is truly special. Live and recorded their energy and talent is truly fabulous.'
- Maegan Hayward, Soundtrack NY, C.O.O.

'Their timeless music is euphoric, their catchy lyrics will play on repeat in your head and the electric, crispy and raw guitars combined with the sensual and powerful vocals will grab you at your emotions and the infectious beat will make you sway your hips back and forth'
- Patrick Keenan, Rat Productions NY


'I’ve always particularly drawn to a powerful lead female vocal behind a rhythmically eclectic sound, but there’s something extra that New Rock City brings to the rock scene. Rossano is the epitome of the natural performer, her energy is timelessly infectious through her raucous attitude and charismatic euphoria which surrounds her. Kick’s guitars are a mix of soaring hooks and crisp melodies which ensure New Rock City its instrumental perfection. The NY 4-piece band have already created quite the buzz around their music and there’s still more to come with the much-anticipated second album due to drop later this year.'

- Amelia Vandergast , A&R Factory UK

'A vibrant and gifted duo out of NYC, New Rock City brings remarkable zest into the spotlight with their phenomenal gift for creating music. With steep waves of excellence from Kick's guitar playing, to Rosanno's exuberant and lively vocals, audiences get a marvelous blend of top-notch talent in the form of high-tempo, spirited intensity. Rock and Roll at Its finest'

- BuzzMusic L.A.

'New Rock City has a Kick Ass Rock n Roll Set.
The crowd loves them!'

- Waste Magazine NY



'Charismatic duo with a tremendous star'

- Radio Wigwam UK

'Kick ass band'
- Genya Ravan, Underground Garage (Sirius XM)


RatMan Records LLC


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